Game On! Heroes

Read some of the winning nominations from our Game On! Heroes. Thanks to all who shared their incredible stories and to those working tirelessly on the frontlines.

American Red Cross

Dena H.

Dena is an incredible human who works hard to save the lives at her hospital. Through good and bad days, she is still an amazing friend. She keeps her friends informed of how to stay safe and just always goes above and beyond.


The Oral Cancer Foundation

Tony M.

My Dad is an ER physician assistant for the past 30+ years. He was diagnosed with cancer and has been going through treatment throughout the quarantine. He’s done so much for our local community and deserves recognition for his commitment to win this battle against cancer.


American Heart Association

Kade B.

Kade is an ICU registered nurse who is working many extra shifts to help out with COVID-19 patients.


NoKid Hungry

Chad M.

While many others have stopped working, Chad has stayed working for UPS.


Beagle Freedom Project

Andrea H.

Andrea is a pharmacist in Los Angeles. The jail is overrun with inmates. Staff have tested positive for coronavirus. My sister goes into work daily with a reused face mask and continues to maintain a positive, upbeat attitude and treats all human beings with respect and dignity.


Bay Path

Lauren P.

Lauren and her mom make fabric masks and donate them to area hospitals. Lauren was previously an EMT and 911 dispatcher prior to entering nursing school. She also takes care of an elderly neighbor and her grandmother. Lauren is caring, diligent and an unsung hero for all that she does!

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Mass General Hospital

Mass General Hospital’s Trauma Team

The entire team 9 NP’s who work tirelessly ensuring each and every patient they see receives optimal care during their stay at MGH and are positioned to succeed once they are discharged. They are supportive of the entire hospital placing inspirational posters that made my children in the community supporting the RNs on the floors.


Ben N.

A physician working on the front lines in a Brooklyn hospital treating COVID patients. He is at the “at-risk” age himself but every day selflessly devotes himself to his patients.

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