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being better is an inside job

We’re changing the frozen snack game from the inside.  We took ice cream’s delicious reputation and made it better with incredibly creamy frozen Greek yogurt, and all the craveworthy flavors and fixings the freezer aisle can handle. So thanks for everything ice cream, but we’ll take it from here.

Whats Inside

the goodness of Greek yogurt

If you’re looking for something that’s ridiculously creamy, insanely delicious, and doesn’t leave you with all the guilt, Greek yogurt is the whole package.

Meet greek yogurt
Meet greek yogurt
Meet greek yogurt
No Artificial Ingredients

your snack unicorn has arrived.

Creamy. Craveworthy. Delicious. But don't believe us, believe your tastebuds.

Whats Inside

snacks without the baggage

Your ultimate snacking moment has arrived and you didn't just hear it from us.

Whats Inside

the new sandwich on the block

Creamy Greek yogurt hugged between two soft chocolate wafers. We took sandwiched snacks where they’ve never been before—literally everywhere. Snack time. Carpool time. Lunch time. It’s all sandwich time to us.

Yasso Greek yogurt sandwiches

here for a snack time, not a long time

Your ultimate snacking moment has arrived and you didn't just hear it from us. With 35 calories per poppable, dive into an ice cream bites experience but made with over-the-top creamy frozen Greek yogurt and a chocolate, crunchy, quinoa-crispied shell.

Yasso Greek yogurt poppables

Greek yogurt hugged in fluffy, sweet dough

Enjoy the latest creation from Yasso in four craveable flavors: strawberry, mango, chocolate, and vanilla. When you discover Yasso mochi, the second half of your life can officially begin.

Yasso Greek yogurt mochi

ridiculously better snacks

We may have given ice cream a much-needed freezer-lift, but we left all the great flavors, cookie dough chunks, fudgy swirls, and chocolate chips totally un-messed with.


love it or it's free

We put our creaminess where our cash is. If you're not 1000% thrilled we'll send your money back.

love it or it's free


  • testimonial

    Absolutely the tastiest 100 calories snack!!!

    Nobody can believe that this really tasty frozen yogurt bar has only 100 calories. It really leaves all other attempts of similar snacks, far behind!!!

    Ronit G.
  • testimonial

    Love these bars!

    Amazing to think that Yasso has packed so much yummy goodness into a satisfying frozen dairy bar - and with only 100 calories! One of my favorites!

    Charles E.
  • testimonial

    Yes please!

    Are you kidding! I eat these everyday. Your products are flat out delicious.

    Geraldine S.
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