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become a yasso ambassador

Do you love Yasso and want to share that love (but never your actual Yasso) with the world? Or perhaps you’ve yet to try Yasso but your mouth is already watering just thinking about all the chocolatey, crunchy, creamiosity that awaits. Well then we want to work with you. That’s right, YOU! We are always welcoming creative individuals and influencers to join our Yassie squad, and would love for you to be a part of it. Let's explore what a partnership with a creative-minded individual (with impeccable taste, might we add 😉) like you could look like!

we look forward to you #workingwithyasso – apply today!

why become a yassie?

reason 1

We value you as a business partner and understand that you are trying to grow! We will work together to foster a partnership that exceeds all of your expectations.

reason 2

We have fun. We encourage you to exercise creativity when brainstorming your content for our partnership! No idea is too big or too small, and we love seeing the fun things you will come up with!

reason 3

We’re working together because we value you as a partner, love your own personal brand aesthetic, and think your followers would love to learn about Yasso!

  • Christina Lopez

    Working with Yasso has been a dream come true!

    “All of their products taste amazing which makes it extremely easy to share with my community. The Yasso team has the best customer service and has truly felt like an extension of my own team. It is safe to say Yasso is not just a brand I work with, but has become family.”

  • Julie A Ledbetter

    They are thoughtful, creative, generous

    “...and always looking for ways to not only innovate but help communities nourish their bodies and minds so they can become the best version of themselves. Thank you Yasso for what you’re doing in the lives of so many and blessing many stomachs with your delicious products!”

  • Lyndsay Almeida

    Yasso is by far my favorite brand that I’ve worked with over the last few years.

    “Their brand message is fun, their marketing reps are a dream to work with, and their products are so delicious that promoting them is a breeze!”

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