What to Stock In Your Fridge Or Freezer This Spring -

What to Stock In Your Fridge + Freezer This Spring

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By Kate Van Horn

Hi everyone! I’m Kate. I’m a wellness blogger, yoga instructor, and entrepreneur. You can follow my intuitive take on eating and movement over on @kate.van.horn or check out the wellness festival I co-founded, @thegoodfest!

I’m thrilled to be partnering with Yasso this spring to share my healthy lifestyle and how I mindfully enjoy treats like Yasso to feel my best and find balance. 

I LOVE this time of year, I swear my mood instantly lifts the moment winter’s chill gives way for spring sunshine and the promise of summer nights to come. After months of heavy eating and enjoying comfort foods throughout winter, it’s time for a fridge refresh! Let me walk you through what I keep in my fridge and freezer to create quick, wholesome meals throughout my busy week.

Let’s start with the fridge, shall we? 

FRUIT! Berries, lemons, limes and apples specifically: 

I’ve never feared fruit or sugars, and love enjoying them in the AM because fruit is so simple to digest and full of fiber. I try to make sure my fruits are always organic (especially berries). I keep blueberries, strawberries and or raspberries stocked, plus TONS of citrus fruits like lemon and limes. I drink lemon in my water daily, and I love to have limes on hand to squeeze over tacos and burrito bowls. I also like to snack on organic apples sliced with almond butter and cinnamon.

Greens, greens, and greens:

Winter time may be all about the roasted veggies, but come spring I’m ready for large salads of fresh raw ingredients and plenty of greens. Typically I switch up my roasted veggies and begin making salads, buying either romaine, spring mix, or baby kale. For smoothies I prefer spinach. I feel like it’s the least overpowering flavor. But, find what works for YOU. All greens have tremendous benefits, so find what you prefer and will enjoy eating rather than worrying about what’s trendy or popular at the moment. Kale isn’t the ONLY awesome leafy green out there!

Primal Kitchen Foods Avocado Oil Salad Dressings: 

Speaking of greens, I’ve been making a ton of salads lately which means I need some dressing! I keep Primal Kitchen dressing in my fridge all the time. Their ranch, Caesar and Greek flavors are delicious. While making my own is a great choice, I sometimes don’t have the time. Primal Kitchen keeps the ingredients super clean and use avocado oil in the dressings – LOVE! When putting together a salad I always include a protein source (hardboiled egg, chicken, tuna, etc) + healthy fat (hemp seeds, avocado, or some toasted walnuts).


While I’ll totally enjoy a glass of wine here and there, I enjoy this booze-free (and gut healthy!) alternative for nights outdoor grilling with friends and fam. Rather than a glass of wine, I’ll pour myself some ginger kombucha and add some fresh fruit to the glass—healthy sangria, anyone? I love the kombuchas from Suja. They add superfoods like moringa and they taste amazing—not too sweet, not too bitter.

Next up, what’s chillin’ in my freezer…

Yasso Pints and Bars:

Did you see this one coming?? Real talk, I eat dessert daily. More on why in an upcoming blog post! Yasso makes the most delicious Greek frozen yogurt. They have a great amount of protein, and the ingredients are kept at a minimum. No high fructose corn syrup, no erythritol, because there’s no need!

I often scoop myself a small bowl after dinner, slow down and mindfully enjoy every bite!

Some of my favorite flavors include the Party Animal and Mint Championchip pints. I also love the Fudge Brownie or Pistachio Brittle bars.

Frozen Cauliflower Rice and Pizza Crusts: 

I’m on a cauliflower kick. I love how versatile this veggie is – such an easy replacement for grains. There are many cauliflower products on the market lately!

For example I can’t get enough of the frozen pizza crusts from Caulipowered. I top the plain pizza crusts with some sauce and plenty of veggies, then pop them in the oven for a quick dinner. I also love the frozen cauliflower rice from Whole Foods to build a burrito bowl with beans, avocado and salsa or make a fried rice.

Frozen Zucchini:

Another sneaky veggie hack—zucchini will be back in season soon. What I do is cut thin slices, lightly steam them, and then freeze the pieces in a Stasher bag. When building a smoothie, I sometime throw in a handful of zucchini which adds more veggies and doesn’t affect the taste much at all!

My fridge and freezer certainly feature a ton of fresh, whole foods. But I’m not afraid to add fun snacks, sweet treats, and products that support my lifestyle as well.  Doing so allows me to maintain a balanced approach to food. Yasso shares this philosophy, that healthy can be combined with fun. That there’s always a place for dessert and ice cream in your lifestyle, and what better time to grab a spoon and dig in than spring!