Top Five Yasso Bars, According To You! -

Top Five Yasso Bars, According To You!

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By Co-Founders + OG Dessert Disruptors, Amanda & Drew

Just like your favorite series on Netflix, there are some things you just don’t stray from, and for us that’s exemplified through our fans who remain loyal to their favorite Yasso bar flavors. Mint Chocolate Chip, Sea Salt Caramel, and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough continue to be our top sellers. Whether these classics bring you sheer happiness or a hint of nostalgia, we’re thrilled to be able to deliver a dessert you can enjoy daily!

Meet our top stick bars:

#1) Mint Chocolate Chip

Fact: We take taste seriously around here. And if it doesn’t taste good, it can’t be dessert. So we took this classic scoop shop flavor and delivered it in a perfectly portioned serving size, packed with the flavor you love and none of the guilt you don’t. This flavor stands proudly at the top of our leaderboard, making for a dessert slam dunk. Each bar boasts a creamy mint base and all the chocolate chips you can dream of! With flavor so irresistible, stocking up is a must. Luckily, you can easily fill your freezer with 12-packs of this flavor from Costco & BJ’s stores as well as 4-packs found in all grocers!

#2) Sea Salt Caramel

Throw some sea salt on the ice cream game. This bar combines decadent caramel swirled with sea salt for the perfect sweet and salty mix. It’s no surprise this flavor is so loved! Whoever thought it was impossible to drool over a treat with only 100 calories was sadly mistaken!

#3) Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Dough-m-g! We are all about inclusions, and our Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough bars are a trophy example of all the tasty chunks and chips we’ll never skimp on. We see all the cookie dough lovers returning to this flavor time and time again. We don’t blame you, who could pass up so much doughy deliciousness? No spoons necessary, no guilt added.

#4) Coffee Chocolate Chip

Do you take chocolate creaminess in your coffee? We know you do! Our Coffee Chocolate Chip delivers a delightful coffee kick on a sweet frozen stick! 100 calories, 5 grams of protein, and made with real Greek yogurt. We don’t judge those who enjoy during their morning commute.

#5) Cookies ‘n Cream

The dream team with supreme cream. This unstoppable flavor duo never fails to satisfy your dessert cravings! Each bar packed with chocolate cookie crumbles suspended in rich, creamy frozen Greek yogurt demonstrates true dessert balance. With powerful flavor and nutritional benefits, we should call it Cookies n’ Dreams.

Did you know these flavors are only SOME of our awesome stick bar family? We’ve got 16 unbelievable flavors, as well as 8 new pints! Looking for your favorite? Find your flavor!