Snack Buddies - Yasso Frozen Greek Yogurt – A Healthy Ice Cream Alternative -

Introducing Yasso Snack Buddies™

A celebration of awesome combinations, now in a new snackable size

Why Snack Buddies?

In 1991, Yasso Co-Founders Drew and Amanda met in their kindergarten classroom, probably during snack time. Their friendship throughout the years is what ultimately led them to launch Yasso in 2009 and forever change the dessert game. Yasso Snack Buddies™ are an extension of their commitment to celebrating friendship, pairing together delicious flavors with sensible nutrition and encouraging fans to enjoy snack time with a buddy. Who knows, the burst of delicious flavor may spark your next great idea!

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Snack Buddies™ Products

*Yasso Snack Size Bar: 20g sugar per 3 bars (96g); Leading Novelty: 23g sugar per 1 bar (85g). Applicable to all flavors except Strawbuddy Lemonade. **Contains 10% more of the Daily Value for protein per serving than does the leading novelty. Yasso Snack Size Bar: 8g protein per 3 bars (99g); Leading Novelty: 2g protein per 1 bar (85g).

Invent aNew Flavor

Draw your very own Snack Buddies sharing your dream flavor.

Share your art with #YassoSnackBuddies and we might just turn your idea in the real thing! Share on any social media channel. Just remember, if your account is private, you’ll need to direct message us your creation!