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The 5 Best Healthy New Groceries in Costco’s Freezer Section

These bars are a smart choice for a few reasons: They’re only 100 calories, have zero artificial ingredients of any kind, and are very low in added sugars with just over a teaspoon in most of the bars (including this variety). They’re also made with frozen nonfat Greek yogurt, so they’re rich in protein.

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Yasso’s ‘Snack Buddies’ Frozen Greek Yogurt Snacks Inspire Friendship

Yasso offers a wide range of frozen Greek yogurt bars and the newest addition to its line of better-for-you alternatives to ice cream Snack Buddies, is targeted towards kids.

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Yasso 2019 Innovation: Celebrating Friendship with New Snack-Size Line

Inspired by that kindergarten friendship, the idea grew to focus on buddies sharing their favorite Yasso flavors. Yasso’s new snack-size line is designed for kids but Yasso didn't skimp on flavor or nutritional values. The new Snack Buddies line is kid-friendly with 45-50 calories per bar with value and flavor in every bite.

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20 New Snacks to Start 2019 on a Tasty Note

Want a little nutrition with your fro-yo? These creamy, not-too-sweet chocolate and vanilla bars have 5 grams of protein, no fat, and only 80 calories a pop.

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Yasso’s Newest Frozen Greek Yogurt Treats Taste Like Christmas

Sugar Cookies and candy canes are delicious, true, but we’re partial to any dessert that allows us to enjoy two—or more—treats mashed up into one. Which is why our interest was piqued by Yasso’s newest products that do just that.

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Yasso Frozen Greek Yogurt Carves Out Middle Ground in the Dessert Aisle

Since hitting the market in 2011, Yasso frozen Greek yogurt has been generating double-digit revenue growth year-over-year with no signs of cooling off, according to founder Amanda Klane and Drew Harrington.

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These Childhood Friends Created a $100 Million Brand by Putting Frozen Greek Yogurt on a Stick

Amanda Klane and Drew Harrington became friends in kindergarten. About two decades later, they would team up to create Yasso, a frozen Greek yogurt company that they project to be a $100 million-plus brand by next year.

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Yasso Eat This Not That

The 28 Best and Worst Pumpkin Spice Foods

Would you like a side of probiotics with your pumpkin-spiced dessert? If so, grab a box of Yasso’s Greek Yogurt Bars. Their Pumpkin Cheesecake flavor will hit stores this September, and will be sure to satisfy all your dessert cravings while filling you up with 5 grams of protein.

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