Yasso Frozen Greek Yogurt – A Healthy Ice Cream Alternative -

Frozen Greek
Yogurt FTW.

As best friends, we’ve been causing trouble since kindergarten. And now that we’re entrepreneurs, no dessert aisle is safe. That’s because we’re changing the dessert game with a creamy, delicious, Greek twist of sweet bliss. Spectacular and practical collide as insane flavor and the perfect amount of calories, sugar and protein create a best of both worlds dessert the whole family will love. Ice cream, eat your heart out.

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What the (bleep) is
erythritol? Find out.


This is dessert, not a math quiz. That’s why we only add big flavor + real chunks and chips to our products, equaling out-of-this-world taste. Because if it doesn’t taste awesome, can you even call it dessert?


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Yasso flavor forward icecream

Taste on blast.
Calories on chill.


Besides empowering your taste buds, all of our delicious products also have nutritional benefits. It’s dangerous flavor mixed with quality ingredients. Yasso’s signature creamy texture and outlandish taste is made possible by our sky-high standards.


Still no high-intensity
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5 gram protien
quality ingridients
less cal
24 gram protien

Yasso caramel pritzelmania

*Less calories than the leading brand of ice cream novelties


Dessert has finally crossed over into anytime-anywhere territory and right now is the perfect moment to celebrate. Eat it at home or on the go; that’s the whole reason we made it so freaking tasty.

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