It's Not Goodbye, It's See You Later. -

It’s Not Goodbye, It’s See You Later

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By Co-Founders + OG Dessert Disruptors, Amanda & Drew

We hate when we have to say goodbye to any item in our flavor full catalog. We take pride in our innovation process, carefully testing recipes to concoct the perfect combination of spectacular taste and practical nutrition so when we have to part ways, it’s especially heartbreaking.

Last year we introduced Sandwiches to the Yasso family, available in Mint and Vanilla sandwiched between two decadent dark chocolate cookies. They were the perfect handheld treat reminiscent of ice cream truck days and many of you fell in love. We did too.

But with great success comes great compromise. In order to bring you our most recent, out-of-this-world innovation, Yasso Pints and our four new stick bar flavors, we had to say goodbye to Sandwiches.

You may still find some Sandwiches at your local grocery store and to wind down we’re offering a special 8-pack available to order online. It’s not goodbye forever. We hope we can re-introduce in the future and bring you the best sandwich since sliced bread!