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Grab a Spoon. Yasso Pints Have Arrived.

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By Co-Founders + OG Dessert Disruptors, Amanda & Drew

2018 is significant to us for a number of reasons. This year marks over 25 years of friendship since meeting in Kindergarten, with many personal milestones shared along the way, and our 7th year since Yasso hit shelves and forever changed the dessert game – a flunked ice cream school idea now in millions of freezers.

And while “new year, new you” is the common pledge for early January, we’re shouting something a little different this year. After all, it’s in our DNA to go against the grain. We’re blowing the lid off 2018 with our biggest, and no doubt most exciting, innovation to date: Yasso Pints.

While we’ve been busy perfecting our stick bars and growing that line to 16 incredible flavors, packaged ice cream seems to have lost its way. You’re now forced to choose between the new diet brands, all fighting for the lowest calorie count made possible by questionable sweeteners resulting in poor taste. Or you can choose the premium, uber indulgent offerings that sure taste good but can’t be enjoyed often given their nutrition profile. Bummer. But have no fear, dessert has finally found true balance and now Yasso can be your one stop shop whether you prefer a scoop, cone or bar.

Like we did in novelties, we’re coming to save pints, launching with eight out of this world flavors. Gone are the days of dessert with a side of guilt or even worse, sacrificing taste to meet calorie counts. We firmly believe if it doesn’t taste good, can you even call it dessert? That’s the wonder behind our creamy frozen Greek yogurt packed with real chips, chunks and swirls that still maintains a better-for-you nutrition panel.

Incredible Flavor With Even Better Intentions.

But among the most meaningful new frontiers for us this year is the launch of the Yasso Game On! Foundation, our new sports focused 501c3 charitable organization dedicated to inspiring others to crush their goals, just like we did. We’ll be bringing events to corporate HQ’s and our local Boston neighbors in an effort to cultivate the inner health rebel in everyone, whether that’s through a friendly game of office whiffle ball, knock out, or a parking lot homerun derby, you name it.

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Thanks for being a part of our dessert rebellion!