Our Latest Flavor Announcement is a Really Big Dill

April 03, 2019

Pickle Flavor

Pickle lovers rejoice! We are excited to announce a new addition to our line up of frozen Greek yogurt flavors! Introducing our new Peanut Butter N’ Pickles bars. We took creamy pickle-flavored frozen Greek yogurt, added in a peanut butter swirl and topped it off by mixing flavor-packed pickle chunks throughout each bar! Together the flavors create a creamy and tangy taste sure to satisfy your cravings!

Whether you’re a die-hard pickle lover or up for broadening your dessert palate, this flavor is the perfect refreshing snack just in time for those first spring days! Are you up for a taste test? Coming May 2019!

April Fools! While we’re constantly pushing ourselves in flavor innovation, we’d never push this far! And while we hate to disappoint those who might be enticed by this wacky flavor, we hope one of our 18 existing bar offerings can satisfy you for now. Click to view our full product catalog.