New Flavors Of Our Frozen Greek Yogurt Bars!

March 05, 2019

Yasso orange cream and butter pecan bars

You can’t go wrong with the classics. That’s why we’re so excited to announce we’ll be serving up new iconic flavors with a signature Yasso twist. Say hello to Orange Cream and Butter Pecan – the two brand NEW additions to our frozen Greek yogurt stick bar family! Both made with the same Yasso commitment to creamy taste and delicious quality ingredients, plus all the nostalgia of your favorite old school snacks (Boo-yah!)

  • Orange Cream: Haven’t you heard that Orange is the new snack? This flavor goes above and beyond the ice cream parlor. We took beloved Orange Cream flavored frozen Greek yogurt and added a delicious white chocolate twist. Then we twisted it again and made it 100 calories per bar… in case you wanna splurge on seconds or something!
  • Butter Pecan: A flavor that perfectly embodies our Pe-CAN do attitude! Pumping up the pecan goodness, we mixed creamy frozen Greek yogurt with impeccable butter pecan flavor – then added honey glazed pecan pieces and made it 100 calories per bar! Is there anything this butter pecan can’t do?

No more nostalgia…now you can enjoy a throwback flavor for every day of the week! Click here to find these flavors at a retailer near you. Happy snacking!