I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for National Ice Cream Day!

July 15, 2018

Aren’t holidays great?

The whole family gets together, it’s fantastic! Your cousin Steve will be there, eager to show you each and every photo he took from his recent vacation. You’ll get to say a quick hello to your Uncle Mike before he dozes off in his favorite armchair. You’ll even get to see your nieces and nephews, who are so much taller (and louder) than the last time you saw them.

Okay, so maybe holidays aren’t completely great…

but at least you’ll get to eat some delicious food. Your grandmother makes the best lasagna ever—except your grandfather’s new medication doesn’t let him eat cheese, so this year she’s serving a questionable looking casserole instead. But at least for dessert you’ll get to seriously indulge. Your parents, newly into their latest health kick, brought over some cauliflower pie, and raisin “cookies”…

Okay, so maybe you dread holiday. Except one of them, that is: National Ice Cream Day!

This holiday is for you, and you alone. You don’t have to sit through painful traffic to get anywhere or participate in forced small-talk with anyone. All you need is a pint—or a couple—of your favorite Yasso flavor, and you can celebrate however you please. Eager to start your day with froyo for breakfast? Do it! You want to have some friends over for an ice cream sandwich making party? Go for it! You want to polish off an entire pint while you binge-watch Netflix all night? Make it happen! The best part? Celebrating National Ice Cream Day with Yasso complements that perfect ‘treat yo’self day, no guilt included. With each Yasso pint ranging from 100 – 150 calories per serving, plus real chips, chunks and swirls, it will surely feel like a dessert dream. So mark July 15th on your calendar, and celebrate the Yasso way! You deserve it.

Bonus: A Match Made in Pint Heaven

All you pint lovers in the Boston area are in for a sweet treat! We’re joining forces with Trillium Brewing as we celebrate National Ice Cream Day on July 15th! Stop by their Canton Patio or Trillium Garden for free FroYo all day, brought to you by yours truly.