I Eat Dessert Daily, Here’s Why:

June 18, 2018

Girl eating cookies ice cream

When I share with friends and my audience that I eat dessert on the regular –  sometimes it brings up some questions. A WELLNESS blogger who doesn’t fear sugar?? I believe strongly in mindful consumption that feels anything from restrictive, and through mindful eating, conscious choices and self-love, a label-less lifestyle is something I find attainable.

So first, let me start by sharing that dessert does not always look like a HUGE slice of chocolate cake (maybe sometimes…). Usually it’s coconut whip with strawberries, a gluten free cookie I baked, or my FAVORITE – Yasso Pistachio Brittle Bars.

After struggles with disordered eating and body image for many years, releasing a structured diet or food “rules” was exactly what I needed to feel joyful and present at mealtime. I’ve always LOVED my sweets. Desserts were my weakness, until I re-framed my mindset and chose to view them not as a villain, but as part of my healthy lifestyle, just like my kale filled smoothies and yoga practice!

Today, I allow my food choices and diet to be…fun. I’m lucky because my job as a blogger allows me to experiment with the latest health trends. Like sipping adaptogenic lattes, trying the latest vegan meat substitute or Whole30 compliant product. But I don’t get wrapped up in the trends like I used to.

Ready to take on a label-less life and enjoy all those delicious desserts this summer? Here are some tips to get you started:

Understand Labels, Types of Sugars, and Stock Up on the Good Stuff:

When the sweet craving strikes you’ll reach for what you have on hand, so stock up on products you trust and love. Because it’s summer I always have treats for the warm weather, like a pint of Yasso Coffee Brownie Break and Yasso Cookies n’ Cream Bars. Unlike many “light” ice cream brands, Yasso is made without high-intensity sweeteners or sugar alcohols like erythritol, which is often used to lower calorie counts.

I’ll also keep Simple Mills Chocolate Chip Cookies on hand and plenty of berries and coconut yogurt that I can top with granola for a quick treat. If making my own desserts, I’ll opt for less refined sugar sources like maple syrup and coconut sugar. I also remind myself that not all sugars are equal, therefore the nutrients and benefits in fresh fruit is something I choose not to fear.

Because stress around eating healthy food is no better…

Feeling stressed, overwhelmed or deprived of the treats you love will counteract the health benefits of a perfectly clean diet. It’s taxing on the body and draining to our mental health. Try to remind yourself of an 80/20 mentality. 20 percent of the time you let your guard down around food and ENJOY it. Really, enjoy it.

Know what’s best for YOU, your body, and your mindset:

For me, having dessert regularly allows me to feel less anxiety around food, sugars and labels. “Diets” of any kind don’t work with me, but I understand and respect they work for others. Wellness and navigating a lifestyle can be a journey. If you’re feeling pressured to try the latest trend you discover while scrolling Instagram, maybe step away from social media and disconnect from the pressure.

Tune into how YOUR body is feeling, what’s working for you, and maybe keep a food journal to notice what brings you the most nourishment.

Practice Mindful Eating:

SLOW down. When I started to eat my food more slowly and without distractions like screens and phones I noticed more satisfaction from my food and desserts. I was more content with a portion size because I chose to be present and enjoy it fully.

I’ll be sharing another blog post with all my mindful eating tips next month! In the meantime, follow my label-less lifestyle and how I satisfy my sweet tooth this summer over on my site katevanhorn.com or on Instagram @kate.van.horn!