How to Organize Your Freezer (and Make Room for Yasso Bars)!

July 01, 2019

Written by: Samantha Pregenzer of @simplyorganized

I blinked – suddenly school’s out, the kids are home for summer and we have an incoming high school freshman. On top of it all, I’m faced with moving out of my house and onto the next incredible chapter. A chapter I am EXCITED to share more about with you soon.

With all the change, packing, sorting and decluttering in the atmosphere, nothing calms my nerves or anxiety more than staying organized throughout the process…and staying organized while kids are home for summer helps tremendously anyways. Not only for your kids…but for their friends!

We always want our homes to be the place where our children and their friends prefer hanging out. No better way to encourage that than by keeping the pantry stocked and the fridge / freezer full of awesome food and snacks!

Last week I organized my own overflow garage fridge and freezer in partnership with Yasso, the maker of the most delicious Frozen Greek Yogurt.

Yasso Freezer Shelf

They sent us several boxes of bars to sample but also to organize in a deep freezer drawer. If you have a pull-out freezer drawer like mine, the most ideal, effective way to organize the space is by way of compartmentalizing with freezer-safe bins…

Yasso organized in freezer

This system guarantees nothing gets lost in the shuffle because you’re creating upright, categorized storage. I have my bins categorized by frozen fruit, frozen veggies, frozen carbs…and I always leave plenty of room for frozen treats…

I love keeping food and desserts in the house, but always lean into the better for you options. My kids don’t appreciate my positive health choices for them now, but later they’ll thank me! Yasso uses creamy Greek yogurt as the base for their products to deliver an indulgent dessert that’s lower in calories and packed with protein. Their products are also made without the use of high intensity sweeteners.

You guys know how much I work out and watch what I eat – I love that this dessert is healthy and offers a great amount of protein! And that is tastes like a dessert – I don’t feel like I’m dieting or skimping because I’m watching my fitness goals. These truly do satisfy your sweet tooth!

Yasso Stocked Freezer Shelf

They offer many great flavors – with more than 18 bar flavors! All of which are incredible and roughly 80-100 calories each. The boxes are small enough to keep as is in your freezer or you can unbox them into bins as well! Their packaging is so colorful and pretty – I just had to keep mine boxed. My favorite flavor so far is Mint Chocolate Chip…I’m a mint girl!

While working on the freezer drawer, I spent a little time cleaning and re-organizing my fridge as well… I love keeping this stocked for the kids and their friends!

Organized Refrigerator

Regularly cleaning your fridge and freezer makes moving easy. I’ll be boxing up the contents of this fridge today and because I have always stayed on top of the cleaning, I can see it’s going to be easy to wipe it down and move it out. No scrubbing required! This beauty will make the move seamlessly to our new place!

Oh – and I will be offering some Yasso bars to my movers as well. Lucky them! It’s been soaring over 100 degrees here the last few days so this partnership came at just the right time.

Organized Yasso in freezer shelf

If you have a pull-out freezer drawer similar to mine, I hope this organization tip is helpful! And I hope you have a chance to prep your freezer like this and treat yourself to plenty of Yasso this summer. You and your kids will love it!

I’ll be back soon with a move update! We are getting boxed up today and moved out tomorrow. A lot of emotions but we are so excited and ready for a fresh new beginning!