Grab Your Best Buddy – It’s Time to Celebrate Snack Time

March 11, 2019

No one knows snack time better than we do and we believe when a snack delivers on great taste and nutrition it deserves to be celebrated and shared. That’s why we’re so excited to launch Snack Buddies – a new line of 45-50 calorie frozen Greek yogurt bars that offer the same delicious Yasso flavor in a smaller, snackable size for the whole family.

Available in four out-of-this world flavors, Snack Buddies celebrates friendship, pairing together delicious flavors with sensible nutrition, like offering 25% less sugar than the leading novelty* and 10% more protein**, live and active cultures, and no high fructose corn syrup or high intensity sweeteners.

  • Mint Cookie Chums: The ultimate best friend accelerator, we’ve paired mint chocolate-flavored frozen Greek yogurt with chocolate cookie pieces so you can pair dessert with your hungry buddies.
  • Strawbuddy Lemonade: This flavor is dedicated to all the good friends out there. We balanced sweet and sour with our creamy strawberry lemonade Greek yogurt for the ultimate collaboration.
  • Fudge Space Chip: We packed tons of good stuff into snack-size form with this out of this world flavor. It’s creamy fudge chocolate frozen Greek yogurt loaded with crunchy chocolate chips.
  • Party Animal: We believe every snack is worthy of a celebration. And just like the best times come from good friends, the best flavors come from great blends. So we mixed up cake-flavored frozen Greek yogurt and delicious rainbow sprinkles.

In celebration of this launch, we’re tapping the great minds of the next generation of dessert disruptors for some flavor inspiration. So, next time you’re enjoying your favorite Yasso Snack Buddies flavor with your best pal, draw your very own pair of Snack Buddies sharing your innovative dream flavor. Then, share your amazing art on social with the hashtag #YassoSnackBuddies and we might just turn your idea into the real thing!

Is your mouth watering yet? Click here to find at a store near you!

*Yasso Snack Size Bar: 20g sugar per 3 bars (96g); Leading Novelty: 23 g sugar per 1bar (85g). Applicable to all flavors except Strawbuddy Lemonade

**Contains 10% more of the Daily Value for protein per serving than does the leading novelty. Yasso Snack Suze Bar: 8g protein per 3 bars (99g); Leading Novelty: 2g protein per 1 bar (85g).