A Look Back At Our Sweet Summer Tour

October 16, 2018

Goodbye summer of 2018, it’s been real! For the eighth year, we hit the road all season long in our fro-yo trucks sharing tasty samples and fresh swag with all of you awesome dessert lovers! This year, we took our summer tour to the next level with the launch of the Yasso Game On! Foundation, combining our love for dessert with our passion for giving back. In its inaugural year, we invited those in New England to slam dunk excuses and hit their afternoon slump out of the park with some friendly competition, sweat, and hustle! Rewarded with a delicious frozen treat, of course.

Yasso truck with customer Yasso bar lineup

As we reminisce on the delectable joys of summer and scroll through countless fan photos of happy Yasso lovers, enjoy with us the highlights of our greatest tour yet:

  • The iconic Yasso trucks were deployed to 65 events, from music festivals to road races and included stops at our retail partners across the country.
  • Proudly served 105,896 bars and 5,588 pints! That’s a lot of free Yasso!
  • Inspired a little hustle in nearly 30,000 people, cultivating their inner health rebel by hosting Yasso Game Days, complete with an inflatable obstacle course, for some unforgettable summer fun!

We’re beaming with pride following a successful summer creating memories with our fans and sharing the Yasso love. We can’t wait to get back on the road in 2019! Have an event you’d like to see the Yasso truck at? Email hello@yasso.com!

But remember, just because summer has melted away doesn’t mean your dessert has to! Check out our Store Finder to locate what delicious Yasso flavors are nearest you and shop our ice cold gear to keep you warm in the off season.

Yasso truck with lineYasso Game on Day Kid playing game