A Day in the Life of an Elite Marathoner

July 30, 2019

By Amanda Nurse, Running Coach, Elite Marathoner and 2x Olympic Trials Qualifier

It was 10 years ago I laced up my first pair of sneakers in pursuit of Boston Marathon training. I never thought that running would become such a huge part of my identity over the years, but I quickly fell in love with the sport. I left my career in clinical social work to pursue fitness coaching and my own running. Now, I own a run coaching business and I’m an elite marathoner and Olympic Trials qualifier. Running has helped shape the person I am today and is something I love to share with my family, too!

Now, it’s 4:35am and my alarm goes off quietly in my ear. I turn it off quickly, and sneak out of bed, trying not to disrupt my sleeping husband and my 1 year old in the room next door. It’s time for me to start my day. As a competitive marathoner, entrepreneur and new mom, I do what I can to fit everything into my day, and my best days start with a run! Today, I’m lacing up for not only a morning workout, but a run commute into work (multitasking is my jam!). I get in a speedy 4 miles before seeing my first client at 5:45am. I’m home in time for lunch and some fun quality time with my son. This is my life: hectic and busy but I wouldn’t trade it for anything! My husband, he does the same thing! In fact, the act of running is a daily ritual for our family.

Amanda Nurse & son enjoying a run and Yasso Snack Buddies

On weekdays, we fit in our runs between daycare drop offs, full-time jobs, and meals, and on weekends, we love to run together as a family – it’s so fun to share it with our son. We will go out for long stroller jogs, listening to music and singing on our runs, always ending with a sweet treat. Our son knows just where they are! He runs right to our freezer and points to the Yasso Snack Buddies! He loves the Party Animal, while my favorite is the Mint Cookie Chums and my husband goes for the Strawbuddy Lemonade. My son loves Snack Buddies because of their adorable colorful boxes, fun flavors, and cute size. I love them because I feel like I’m indulging, but don’t have to feel guilty about it. In fact, I’m getting the post-run protein (8g!) I need to heal my sore muscles, with far less sugar than any other ice cream treat.

Amanda Nurse's son enjoying Snack Buddies

They are frozen Greek yogurt bars with live active cultures, high protein, less sugar and only 45-50 calories, not to mention, no high fructose corn syrup or artificial sweeteners. I can feel good about giving Yasso Snack Buddies to my son because he’s getting nutrition he needs while also getting a fun, sweet treat! And did I mention they aren’t all that messy either?! Somehow these amazing little bars don’t melt all over him, so I can let him enjoy his bar without worrying about changing his clothes and being a sticky mess! (Amazing!). Their bars are the perfect combination of healthy yet treat I can feel comfortable eating and sharing with my family!

Running Coach, Amanda Nurse, shares Yasso Snack Buddies with her son